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Changing Leadership & Futurecasting the Industry with Michael Dominguez

October 17, 2019

Inside Events Podcast, hosted by Megan Powers; Episode #4 - “Changing Leadership & Futurecasting the Industry with Michael Dominguez,” with guests Michael Dominguez & Shannon DeSouza.

In our first half our host Megan Powers, from Powers of Marketing, discussed news with event technology industry colleague Shannon DeSouza. Initially they discuss how climate change is actually an opportunity for making money. The importance of providing some relief for the planet (our industry is one of the biggest offenders of waste and affecting the planet as a result, which we will talk about in episode 5) can not be overstated, but money talks! We also discuss how “highjacking” our attendees phones in the sessions at our meetings is a way to get them more engaged, and all that goes with that (resistance included).

In the second half of the show our very “in demand” guest Michael Dominguez does not predict all of the future, but gives great insights for where our industry is currently, and what to consider moving forward (it’s actually a very tough time to make “predictions,” as he explains). He’s in a new role at Associated Luxury Hotels International (ALHI), so he explains why he made the BIG switch from MGM to ALHI, and shares a bit about how the independent hotel experience (brands) is different from the rest of the hotel industry.